Plant ecophysiologist and structural biologist, senior scientist at the Institute of Botany, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU Wien), Austria. I combine ecophysiology, microscopy (2D and 3D), computational analyses, and modeling to answer question on the structure and function relationships in leaves, especially on what happens in the intercellular airspace and in mesophyll conductance.


New paper out! Excited to have been part of this collaboration lead by Aleca Borsuk, exploring the structural organisation of the spondy mesophyll.

Structural organization of the spongy mesophyll. Borsuk AM, Roddy AB, Théroux-Rancourt G, Brodersen CR. (2022) New Phytologist

Other recent papers

Desiccation of the leaf mesophyll and its implications for CO2 diffusion and light processing. Momayyezi M, Borsuk A, Brodersen CR, Gilbert ME, Théroux-Rancourt G, Kluepfel D, McElrone A. (2022) Plant, Cell & Environment.

Maximum CO2 diffusion inside leaves is limited by the scaling of cell size and genome size. Théroux-Rancourt G, Roddy AB, Earles JM, Simonin K, Zwieniecki MA, Boyce CK, Tholen D, McElrone A, Brodersen CR. (2021) Proceedings B of the Royal Society 288, 20203145.

The 3D construction of leaves is coordinated with water use efficiency in conifers. Trueba S, Théroux-Rancourt G, Earles JM, Buckley TN, Love D, Johnson DM, Brodersen CR. (2021) New Phytologist.

Understanding Airspace in Leaves: 3D Anatomy and Directional Tortuosity Harwood R*, Théroux-Rancourt G*, Barbour MM. (2021) Plant, Cell & Environment.