I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Botany of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU Wien), in Austria. I am working on the physiological and structural basis of resource-use efficiency in plants, especially water and light use at the whole leaf level. I use ecophysiological and anatomical measurement, combined with modelling and computationnal approaches, to answer question on the structure and function relationships in leaves, and I’m especially interested in what happens in the intercellular airspace and in mesophyll conductance. I was previously at UC Davis under a Katherine Esau Fellowship.


First preprint! Glad to have been taken on board this paper lead by Adam Roddy and Kevin Simonin on genome size and plant leaf traits. This is hopefully the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. Stay tuned!

Roddy AB, Théroux-Rancourt G, Abbo T, Brodersen CR, Jensen B, Jiang G-F, Thompson RA, Kuebbing SE, Simonin KA (2019) The scaling of genome size and cell size limits maximum rates of photosynthesis with implications for ecological strategies. bioRxiv 54: 619585.

Recent and noteworthy papers

Earles JM, Théroux-Rancourt G, Gilbert ME, McElrone A, Brodersen C (2018) Beyond porosity: 3D leaf intercellular airspace traits that impact mesophyll conductance. Plant Physiology 178(1), 148–162.

Théroux-Rancourt G, Earles JM, Gilbert ME, Zwieniecki MA, Boyce CK, McElrone A, Brodersen C (2017) The bias of a 2D view: Comparing 2D and 3D mesophyll surface area estimates using non-invasive imaging of internal leaf structure. New Phytologist 215(4), 1609–1622

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